Mesh Sink Drain Strainers

A stainless steel mesh sink strainer keeps particles of food or other debris from going down your sink drain and clogging it. These are a good idea to keep on all your drains at home and in the RV, but it can be especially beneficial in your RV.

A clogged RV drain pipe or grey water tank can be costly and difficult to fix. If you want to avoid the possibility of having to drop the basement underbelly of your RV to fix a pipe, then you need one of these on all your drains. I keep one on all my drains except the shower. I didn’t think there was much of a chance of debris getting down the shower drain, but I  am already planning on buying one for it.  After seeing how much debris gets dumped from my sink drains everyday, I’m convinced that more gets down the drain than I was ever aware of. Why take the chance?

You can buy these at Walmart or any hardware or home suppy store. They generally run in the $3.00 – $5.00 range.

I clean mine every few days with a scour pad, soap or 409. Sometimes, I’ll soak them in a bleach and water solution if they get discolored. The bleach makes them look brand new.


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