LP Gas Detector False Alarm

Something I didn’t know before moving in to the RV is that the LP gas detector can be set off by common airborne household substances like aerosol sprays, cleaning products, hair spray, perfume, insect repellant, fingernail polish remover, etc. I found this out when I used fingernail polish remover the first time in the camper. Our daughter was asleep in her bunk, so this was especially annoying. We kept pushing the reset button, but it would go off again 30 seconds later. We ended up having to open the door, windows and vents, also turning on the vent hood fan. It took a good 30 minutes after that for it to clear out. After a Google search, I read that it’s pretty common for false alarms to occur.

I am careful now to only use fingernail polish remover and hairspray in the bathroom with the vent open and the fan on. I haven’t encountered the problem again.

I wanted to share this in case it happens to you. Practice caution if your LP gas detector goes off. Make sure it’s not actually LP gas. If it’s not and you’ve just used some type of cleaning or beauty product, that’s probably what caused it.

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