Expanding Peg Coat Rack

When we were getting our camper ready to live in, we knew we needed a coat rack. Heck, we needed one in our last camper that we didn’t live in. I’ve seen very few campers that come with coat racks installed from the factory. I guess there is a reason for that, I just don’t know what it is.

So, we looked at a lot of coat racks in stores and online before settling on this cheap one. First, it’s expandable. You can expand it or contract it to fit your studs and your available wall space.You can even hang it vertically if you want to. Second, it’s lightweight. When modifying an RV, weight is always top priority. Third, it has eleven pegs for hanging stuff on.  Fourth, for less than $10.00 in most stores, you can’t beat the price. Basically, we couldn’t find a better coat rack for our needs anywhere.

We put it on the wall by the door. Russell installed it with screws into the RV wall studs. This makes sense for obvious reasons, plus we had available wall space there. Our RV wood trim and cabinetry is lightly stained, so the natural wood color of the rack fit in, but if you have darker woodwork, I think you could stain these racks to match or atleast blend in.

In the summer, we use it to hang our beach bags, purse, umbrellas, hats, light jackets, fly swatters, etc. In the winter, we use it for our coats, hats, scarves, umbrellas, purses, etc. When our dog was alive, we’d keep a poop bag hanging there for quick and easy access.

Summertime use.

Winter use.

It can hold a lot of stuff.



One thought on “Expanding Peg Coat Rack

  1. I am loving all of your great tips! I stumbled upon your blog while searching cribs in rv’s. My husband and our two toddlers will be hitting the road in the spring and we’ve been on the search for great storage solutions & family oriented design ideas.

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