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This is a section of my blog devoted to the small things I’ve learned about living in an RV through trial, error, failed attempts, shortcomings and near misses. There will even be some things that I succeeded at on the first attempt. I hope there is something here that you can make use of.

You can browse through this section by clicking the links on the top menu under “Tips, Tricks & Advice” or by clicking the links below:

Laundry Stroller
    LP Gas Detector False Alarm    
How To Hang Christmas Stockings In The RV
Mesh Sink Drain Strainers
Pizza Stone Scratches on RV Stove Top Cover
How To Care For Lexan Doors
Expanding Peg Coat Rack
How To Store Cooking Oil In An RV
Heat + Moist Towel = Cloudy Stove Top 

 This section will be a work in progress. I will add more as time allows.

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