Winter In The RV

I am writing this as I watch snow fall on the lake from my window. Seeing it snow at Piney Grove definitely makes the highlight reel of the year.

After passing a difficult November, the month of December was a gift. Being alone in this beautiful park is a dream come true for me. I feel strongly that the beam has lead me to winter here for a reason. I am taking everyday with gratitude, and trying to learn or unlearn whatever it is I have been put here for. School is in session. This feeling is hard to describe without coming off like a psychotic. I feel very, very strongly that I am here today in this place for a big reason besides the daily joys.

More and more, I am able to see everything with a clarity that eluded me in my previous life. I knew it was there, but the noisiness of the world kept it just below the surface of my mind’s grasp. I think that’s why we decided to do this RV thing, aside from the obvious. I sensed something was trying to bubble up, and knew no other way to unleash it. I had to turn off the world, the TV and almost everything and everyone I knew to get the perspective that I was missing. The new perspective already feels like it’s been here forever. That’s how right feels. It’s immediate, and you don’t fear that you will unlearn it. You KNOW you can’t ever unsee it. Most of what I’m calling clarity would probably be described by the culture as insanity. I’m okay with that. I could count on one hand the number of times I have thought the culture was right in my life.

We are in the same camphost spot we’ve been in since September. At the front of our camper, we have water views in almost every direction now that the leaves are gone. There are two other couples volunteering here this winter. They chose to stay at the sites near the gate, so we are down here alone. Since the park closed, we have barely seen them. We are secluded and alone in the park for all practical purposes. It’s just us and the deer. We are loving every minute of it.

I walk the park regularly. It is impossible to keep a smile off my face. This is an experience that I treasure. I can’t express the stark beauty of the park right now. You’d have to see it to understand. We encounter deer regularly. The only man-made noise is what comes from us and our camper. I have been hearing nature sounds that have somehow escaped my ears until now. Birdie and I play almost daily at the playground. The water views from there are spectacular. I almost hate to see Spring come to disrupt our private paradise.

When we leave here to go get groceries or take care of responsibilities, it is like entering a circus freak show. When we get back to the road by the water tower, it feels like taking a breathe after holding it for a long time. I love it here. I love it here. I love it here. Did I say that I love it here?

Russell has coined a term for our secluded Piney Grove Christmas: Peace On Earth and Goodwill To No Men.

I am going to leave the deep end for a minute, and get back to the day to day.

Everything is going better than expected with heating the camper and protecting our plumbing from freezing temperatures. We’ve done all we can do in that department, and if it gets hairy for a few days, we have full propane tanks to turn on to avert disaster. We hope not to have to do that, as we’d like to rely on electricity and insulation solely, but if we need to, we won’t hesitate.

We have electric heat tape and insulation on the water spigot, a heated water hose, a temperature probe in the basement, 3 Vornado electric heaters inside the camper, and large stack of covered firewood outside.  We think we are ready for anything a Mississippi Winter can throw at us.

I’ll update this page when we have passed an entire Winter in the RV.

It snowed for about an hour. It was too warm to stick, but it sure looked pretty coming down.

We’re ready for some Winter campfires.

Our deer friends. We see them pretty much everyday, usually several times a day.

Shortly after our beloved dog Sadie died in November, this cat started hanging around our campsite. We’ve been feeding him, and I made him a house out of a Sterilite box with a heating pad inside it, but we can’t be his forever home because my husband is allergic to cats. It’s a shame. He’s a good cat. I am going to try to find him a good home. We call him Cat Host.


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