RV Birthday

Our daughter turned 3 years old in December. Contrary to the opinions of a lot mainstream society, we live in an RV to enhance our lifestyle, not to diminish it. It is our intention that she not be deprived of the joys of holidays and birthdays because she lives in an RV. Obviously, if I didn’t think we could provide her with those joys while living in an RV, we wouldn’t be living in an RV.

I wanted her birthday in the RV to be just as special as it would be at a stick-and-bricks home, and I think we accomplished that. I decorated the camper after she went to sleep the night before her birthday so she could have her special day begin as soon as she woke up. I made a batch of birthday breakfast muffins, or cupcakes as she calls them, for the morning. We hung balloons and a Happy Birthday banner in the camper living area. I got up early to lay her special presents from Mommy and Daddy out, set her breakfast table with a muffin plus candle, a pack of birthday stickers ( she LOVES stickers), a birthday hat and a sparkly horn. She was so excited when she got up. Daddy captured it all on video.

We are wintering 40 miles from our hometown for this crucial first winter, so her grandparents were able to bring their motorhome up for the weekend. Her aunt and cousin drove up as well for her afternoon birthday party. We were lucky that the weather cooperated – it was sunny and in the high fifties. We decorated the picnic table and patio for the occasion with her favorite color – pink! We ate chicken fingers and french fries. We had a roaring campfire, and the kids played for a long time on the playground and basketball court.

We came inside to eat cake and ice cream. When she blew the candles out, we asked her what she wished for, and she said, “Santa.” HAH. Good wish, kid.

After cake and ice cream, she opened her presents. She was thoroughly pleased with her gifts, especially a pair of pink cowboy boots from her grandparents. When the presents were opened and everything was cleaned up, we roasted marshmallows outside until her bedtime. She was hard to get to sleep because of all the sugar and excitement.

All in all, she had a great 3rd birthday. My baby is growing up.

Birthday Cake

Decorations inside the camper. The balloons are hung with twist ties.

Birthday Morning

Birthday Morning. The banner is hung on the cornice with safety pins. The balloons are attached to the ends of the banner with twist ties.

Birthday Morning

Outside birthday party decorations.

Having fun around the campfire with grandparents waiting on my party to start!

Put on your hats, it’s time to PARTY!

Yay! Birthdays are fun!

Let’s eat this cake!

OMG! Finally getting my presents!

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