RV Halloween

October was a beautiful month. There were many 85+ degree days to enjoy, and only a couple of cool snaps. We marked Russell’s birthday, and had our first Halloween in the RV.

A couple of weeks before Halloween, Russell’s parents brought their motorhome to camp with us for Russell’s birthday. We cooked steaks, and had a nice time. Randy, Russell and Birdie carved our pumpkins that weekend. Randy did the drawing of the faces. Russell did the carving. Birdie supervised it all.

We didn’t carve her small pumpkin. A neat trick I learned is if you use washable markers, you can wipe the pumpkin off with a soapy rag and color a new face on it everyday.

The weekend before Halloween was really special in the park. Lots of campers were here. Most put out jack-o-lanterns and fall decorations. A group of campers pulled into a circle around a pavillion. They decorated the pavillion to the nines. It was amazing what they did. They had atleast 20 headstones, purple and orange lights, skeletons, spiderwebs strung everywhere, witches, you name it. I wish I had pictures of it, but somehow I didn’t get any. I know all the kids and parents in the park really appreciated their effort.

On the day of Halloween, we took Birdie to Mimi & Pop’s house for supper and to trick-or-treat in their neighborhood. She had a blast, and got a bag full of candy. She went as a pumpkin this year. The costume was a hand-me-down from her cousin. I have been saving it for 3 years until she grew into it.

Pop & Birdie drawing faces on the pumpkins.

Russell carving the pumpkin.

Birdie drawing on her pumpkin.

Hard at work on those jack-o-lanterns.

Cleaning the inside of the pumpkin. I thought for sure that Birdie would enjoy this part, but she declined in favor of drawing on hers.

Birdie letting Pop draw a scary face on her pumpkin.

Putting the candle in the pumpkin.

“Hmm, now what can I do with this green…”

Birdie’s Halloween morning gifts from Mommy & Daddy.

No pictures!

Okay, maybe a couple.

Getting ready to go to Mimi & Pop’s house.

Birdie and her cousin Dalton.

Mommy & Birdie!

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