Christmas In The RV

We tried to make our first Christmas in the RV special and festive. One of the many joys of having a small child is getting to experience to wonder of Christmas lights and decorations again. It’s almost like you stopped really seeing and appreciating them when you entered adolescence, and then BAM your kid comes along and you see it all with fresh eyes again. I love that.

We are stationary this Winter as volunteers in a closed park, so we decided to put up every string of lights we own. We made a fun day out of it with snacks, warm drinks and a campfire. Birdie had a great time. She and I waited in the road near dark for Russell to turn the lights on. We even did a countdown. She was so impressed!!

The next evening, we put up our Christmas tree. We had to order a tree for the camper. The one we had at home was too big, and we couldn’t find one the right size locally. We went ahead and got a quality one that will last us many years. We debated on white lights or colored lights, and ended up getting a tree with colored LED lights. Birdie loves the colors, and it is really about her. We love the vivid brightness of the LED lights. When you look at them in the stores next to regular lighted trees, it seems weird by comparison, but when you take one alone, it’s beautiful and doesn’t seem weird at all. I’m glad we chose LED lights.

We hung our stockings on a cornice above a window behind the tree. My stocking holders wouldn’t fit on top of the cornice, and it was really the only place to put them. I improvised with large safety pins, and was impressed with the result. You can read more about hanging stockings on cornices by clicking┬áthis link.

We even decorated Birdie’s bunk bed with a set of Christmas sheets with Santa and his reindeer on them. You can read more about how I decorate her bunk bed for holidays by clicking this link.

As the month rolled toward Christmas, Birdie became more and more excited. I dictated a letter to Santa for her verbatim, which was hilarious and touching. As long as I live, I will never lose my copy of that letter. She asked for an American Flag, a brand new snowflake and candy. She even got a phone call from Santa the week before Christmas!

The week of Christmas, we baked several batches of cookies and brownies. We colored Christmas cards for all of our loved ones. On Christmas Eve, we drove to my mother’s house to eat and celebrate with my family. When we were back at the camper, we put cookies and milk out for Santa, and crossed our fingers that he would find us.

Luckily, he made it! Birdie got the cutest bike in the whole world! It’s practically a work of art. She also got a Vtech Kidizoom Digital camera, a set each of Valentine’s and Easter sheets for her bunk, an Elmo umbrella, a birthstone ring, a set of fairy dolls, and lots of candy. Santa sure knows his stuff, because she has a passion for Mommy’s umbrellas. In fact, she’s destroyed a couple by loving them too much. Her camera has been a terrific hit as well. By the time the holidays were over, she had taken more than 600 pictures. I will be uploading many of them to her website soon.

After a great Christmas morning, we packed up to go spend the holiday with Russell’s family. We had a terrific time. Birdie got too much stuff, as usual, but she loves it all especially an heirloom dollhouse that belonged to her Aunt Elaine when she was a small child. It’s really very special. It was constructed by Russell’s dad, and lots of the doll furniture was made by Russell’s grandfather and grandmother who passed on many years ago.

We spent the night and most of the next day at his parent’s house. Birdie’s favorite cousin Dalton ended up spending the night as well. It was a big, fun sleepover. The kids stayed up late playing with their new toys.

Our first RV Christmas was one of the happiest of my life. Birdie has already started asking me everyday if it’s “Valentimes” yet.

Santa found our camper!

The Christmas Angel at Mimi & Pop’s House.

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