This is the office we converted from a Queen bedroom. We are very much NOT RETIRED, but lucky that most of my husband’s work can be done remotely.  We had to have a real workable office that he is able to work in comfortably and privately. We sacrificed a queen bedroom to accomplish this. Being able to make a living is the water that this whole dream and our life floats on, obviously.

Below are some notes on our office modifications:

We removed the queen bed and 2 nightstands. He sealed up the doors that used to be storage compartments under the bed that were accessible from the outside with some of the leftover paneling from the bed frame. He also used some of the wall paneling molding he had leftover to fix the nail and staple holes that attached the bed to the front wall. All in all, I think he did a great job.

I am going to take pictures soon of everything we brought in these storage cabinets. I just haven’t had time yet.

You’ll see in the pictures below some bungee cords around the desk. We use these to secure things when traveling. We had not finished tucking them away after traveling when I took these pictures, and I guess I didn’t notice it at the time. When I find the time, I might take some more pics without those eyesores hanging around.

RV office from the doorway. Russell made the desk from lightweight aspen. A comparably sized desk could have been bought, but the ones for sale weighed 100 lbs., this one weighs just 30 lbs.

The wall-mounted cabinets were already in the camper. We left them because they look good and are functional for office supply storage.

Office from just inside the doorway.

The desk, two sterilite drawer units with hard tops. Both of the units have 4 small drawers. They are full of man stuff. One of them has the battery charger inside with the wires ran through a hole in back of the drawer. That’s super handy. We’re always recharging batteries. Two folding chairs squeeze into the space between the drawers and the walls. We use these pretty often when we are hanging out together in the office. The magazine rack was something I had leftover from a vintage RV restoration project. It happened to work perfectly.

Office Desktop

Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Cradle Point Wireless Router, Telephone (Skype), Magazine Rack, Computer Speakers.

Left Side of Desk

Sterilite Drawers, Folding Chair, Overhead Mirrored Cabinet,  Video Baby Monitor.

Right Side of Desk

Sterilite Drawers, Folding Chair, Overhead Mirrored Cabinet, Xbox 360, 2 Xbox Controllers. The Xbox is nice because my husband likes to play games sometimes and we can stream Netflix and free music stations on it.

Back Side Of Sliding Door

5 drawer Sterilite unit with hardtop. This drawer unit houses all my photography supplies, office supplies, important documents, important correspondence, packing supplies and camper manuals.

Another view of the right side of the office.

Left side of the office. This is where we keep our deep freezer because it was where we had the space. I keep the coffee pot on top of the freezer to save countertop space and to avoid coffee stains on my countertops. The freezer top is black, so it can stain away!

Another view of the left side of the office. The shelf above the freezer is our only TV. We brought this for emergencies and rainy days. I am trying to keep myself and my daughter away from TV as much as possible. I didn’t come on this journey to spend it staring at the TV like a zombie. Also, Russell mounted a paper towel rack by the coffee/drink area. This is the one keepsake we took from our 1966 Airstream. He also mounted a stage light to accent the freezer. He can change the color with gels. It probably seems bizarre to you, but he loves his colored lights.

Another view of the left side of the office from the doorway.

Left corner of the office holds the deep freezer, coffee serving area and TV.

The deep freezer had 4 pull out baskets, but we removed one to hold 9 ice trays. The top basket holds our ice bin/container and 3 emergency ice trays behind it. The second rack holds 9 ice trays. The third and fourth baskets hold frozen food.

We keep the ice bucket full at all times. The nine ice trays keep us well stocked with ice. We keep 3 emergency trays behind the ice bin, but we try to avoid using them by rotating our frozen ice to the bin and refilling the trays throughout the day.

Office Storage: This is where you can look at what we are able to carry and store in our office. I will be adding to this as I find the time.

Overhead cabinet on the left side. This is where I keep my cleaning supplies. We have the Hoover Nano Lite vacuum cleaner. It’s the second best vacuum cleaner I’ve ever owned, only beaten by a Dyson I use at home. The handle collapses, it weighs under 10 lbs., is bagless and works beautifully! If you are in the market for an RV vacuum cleaner, I recommend   it highly.

Overhead cabinet on the left side. This is our liqour cabinet and coffee storage.

Top drawer of Sterilite unit that houses our printer. This drawer holds our printing supplies – labels, copy paper, extra ink cartridges, etc. The white box is where I keep my office supplies – paper clips, rubber bands, pens, pencils, scissors, stamps, hole punch, stapler, staples and tape.

2nd and 3rd drawers of the Sterilite unit that houses our printer. The 2nd drawer holds my banking info, a box for incoming mail, and a box for outgoing mail. The 3rd drawer houses my packing supplies that I don’t keep in the truck – mailing boxes and packing tape.

Bottom two drawers of the Sterilite unit that houses our printer. The bottom drawer holds atlases, maps and a document case where we keep all of our important camper instruction manuals. The next to bottom drawer holds my photography supplies – padded carrying bag, Canon Rebel XT, Sanyo video camera, cheap Fujifilm camera, plus all the cords, USB cables, battery chargers and carrying bags.

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