Main Living Area

This is the main living area of our camper. It’s an all-in-one kitchen, dining, living and playroom. It’s cramped, but we kind of have it broken down into quadrants for each use. You’ll notice there aren’t too many detailed pics of the kitchen here. I decided to do a dedicated page to the kitchen so that I had more room to show what I have packed for cooking, etc. You can see more of the kitchen by clicking the kitchen by clicking this link.

We made some modifications to the living area to fit our needs, noted below:

We removed the jack knife sofa to make room for our daughter’s playthings, and to give her an area that’s all her own. Removing the sofa allowed us to put in a child-sized table and 2 chairs, plus a 16 bin storage system for her toys and books. It all fits just perfect. The cabinet above her play area houses toys that must be supervised such as art supplies and DVDs.

The camper came with cheap, ugly curtains and even cheaper, uglier miniblinds. Besides being ugly, our daughter destroys miniblinds. They wouldn’t have lasted a week. I took down the blinds and made new curtains out of good quality upholstery fabric. We got lucky to find a color that matches the carpet and upholstery exactly.

You’ll notice that there was a large open area inside a cabinet unit that was meant for a TV. We converted that area to house a small electric refrigerator to supplement our main refrigerator. It happened to have room for our paper towels on the side too. We found 2 “tool trays” at walmart that fit in the space above the fridge. We use it to store plastic wrap, aluminum foil and wax paper.

UPDATE: Our daughter’s needs and interests are changing so rapidly at this age that her toy bins have had a major overhaul. Some of this is attributed to her passing a birthday and Christmas in the RV. I will be updating this page with current photos and information soon, so check back.

Living area from the doorway.

Living area from the doorway.

Long view of the living area from the office.

Long view of the living area from the bunkroom.

View of the office from the kitchen.

The sink area.

The kitchen.

Screen door conversion to Lexan. I love it. Possibly my favorite camper modification.

Dining table that also serves as a home for my laptop. We got a Panasonic Toughbook in the hopes that our daughter won’t be able to destroy it. We’ll see. So far, she’s removed 2 keys from the keyboard. Also, a restaurant style high chair fits nicely under the table. It’s a real space saver compared to a standard home high chair.

Our daughter’s play area. This is where the jack knife sofa used to be. It’s just enough space for a table and 2 chairs and her 16 bin toy organizer.

Cabinet above the play area.
Contents: Art supplies – coloring books, chalk, glue, scissors, paint, paintbrushes, color pencils, crayons, markers, pipe cleaners, stickers, bubbles, etc. Also, DVD player and DVDs, a box for my Kindle accessories, and a box for my recipe collection.

16 bin toy organizer.
Contents: Stuffed animals, doll, backpack, music toys, picnic basket, teapot, toy cars, blocks, cooking set, porcelain tea set, 2 collections of books, lantern.


After my daughter’s birthday and Christmas in the RV, we rearranged her play area. We stored her table and chairs because she never uses them. Anytime she wants to draw or play at a table, she always goes to the dinette. If she ever takes an interest in having her own desk / table, we’ll put it back in. Until then, the space is better used for more floor room.

She got a dollhouse for Christmas from her grandparents, so we put that where the table and chairs were. She loves her dollhouse. Below are the updated photos.

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