This is the kitchen of our camper.

We didn’t have to make any modifications to this area of the camper. We just had to pack carefully and find stuff we needed in sizes that fit.

We try to go shopping just once a week. Our daughter drinks a lot of milk, and the space available in the camper refrigerator was not going to be enough for a week. We used the space that is supposed to be for a TV to house an electric supplemental refrigerator. This gives us the food storage we need and makes use of space that was available. The refrigerator is secured for traveling with a series of bungee cords, ropes and eye hooks that my husband installed. When parked, they are tucked in behind the fridge. Our daughter is not a great rider and we aren’t usually in a hurry, so we rarely travel more than 100 miles in a day. Even in the hottest of weather, our electric fridge maintains a cold temperature while traveling.

The freezer of our camper refrigerator was not going to be enough frozen storage either. We use lots of ice, and it was going to come down to storing ice or storing frozen food. That was not an acceptable trade-off to either of us, so we put a small electric deep freezer in the office. It stores extra frozen food, ice trays and an ice bin. We keep 9 ice trays in constant rotation. We dump them in the bin when there is room and immediately refill them with water. We usually have a full bin of ice plus 9 frozen trays. We keep 3 emergency ice trays behind the ice bin, just in case we mess up the rotation and end up without ice. It hasn’t happened yet. So that’s a total of 12 ice trays. There have been many days at the beach with a small cooler of ice plus a full freezer of ice at the camper. It’s worked out beautifully for us, and in the long run will save us money because we don’t have to buy bagged ice and we can stock up on frozen meat when we see a really great deal. I love my freezer. I can’t imagine living in an RV without it.

You will see below that I store lots of extra food and kitchen supplies. Many of you will probably think it’s overkill and kind of goes against the RV grain. As I said earlier, I like to shop just once a week. It almost ruins my day if we have to crank our truck. Some of the campgrounds we stay at are pretty remote and a Walmart, Kroger or Dollar General can be 25+ miles away. There are several products that I use regularly which are available at these stores for the best price. I try to stock up when I’m nearby to avoid long drives and/or to save money. It works for me.

I am going to inventory all of my kitchen utensils at some point to supplement this blog. Check back later.



Fridge with storage on top where I keep my bread, crackers, pretzels, chips and ice cream cones.

Inside the fridge and freezer. As you can see, there isn’t an inch to spare. I wouldn’t make it without my supplemental fridge and deep freezer.

Electric fridge to supplement my main one. I can store 16 rolls of paper towels in the space beside it. Also, two tool trays on top house plastic wraps, aluminum foil, etc. I try not to waste an inch of space.

Inside my supplemental fridge. The white stuff in the right corner of the photo is some of the rope we use to secure the fridge during travel. He uses a series of ropes, bungees and hooks which haven’t failed us yet.

While this deep freezer is tucked away in the office instead of the kitchen area, I added it because our kitchen would not work without it.

Sweet, beautiful ICE!

We had to order this garbage can to fit in the space we had beside that cabinet.

Inside the oven.

Stovetop with the lid up.  As you can see, we have 3 burners.

Microwave with the door open.

This is the pantry. I bought square canisters with screw on lids (4 large, 5 small) and all the cabinet organizations items such as adjustable shelves, tiered shelves, plastic bins at Walmart.

Top of the pantry.
Contents: 4 large canisters, 5 small canisters, canned good, pasta, dried beans and boxed foods.

Bottom of the pantry.
Contents: spices, oils, bottled sauces, teas, drink mixes, snack crackers, bagged dry goods, rice, extra canned goods, potatos, onions, oil and shortening.

Top kitchen drawer.
Contents: spoons, forks, knives, can opener, measuring spoons, meat thermometer.

Second kitchen drawer.
Contents: various kitchen utensils.

Bottom kitchen drawer.
Contents: 8 kitchen towels, 10 dish cloths, 4 sponges.

Cabinet below oven.
Contents: 2 plastic bins with lids that house junky stuff like dog poop bags, aluminum pans, etc. The back bin is empty right now.

Cabinet below the sink.
Contents: garbage bags, dishpan, splat mat, ziploc bags, a few plastic leftover containers.

abinet under the sink accessible from near the door.
Contents: Just some extra canned drinks.

Cabinet above supplemental fridge.
Contents: 10 piece set of Revere pans, crockpot, teflon skillet with lid.

Cabinet below supplemental fridge.
Contents: hand mixer, 1 pizza stone, 5 glass bakeware dishes, 3 metal bread pans, 1 metal cake pan with top, 1 metal muffin pan, 1 microwave bacon cooker, 2 cutting boards, 1 microwave popcorn popper bowl (not pictured).

Cabinet below supplemental fridge.
Just enough room to hold 1 box of dog food.

Underneath the dinette seat – right side. We use this for storage of extra kitchen stuff.
Contents: Blender, 2 packs of paper plates, 5 12 packs of my favorite canned drinks, 4 bottles of lemon juice, 2 boxes of canned dog food, 1 box of diapers and my cast iron fish pot, cornbread skillet and trivet. I don’t want to store the heavy cast iron in a kitchen cabinet where it might slide and damage some of my glass stuff when traveling.

Underneath the dinette seat – left side. We use this for storage of extra kitchen stuff.
Contents: 2 bottles of juice, 1 bottle salad dressing, 1 jar pepperoncini peppers, 1 bottle worcestershire, 1 bag pretzels, 1 jar coffee, 2 bottles of lemon juice, 4 boxes of sweet n low, 2 boxes of quart size zip bags, 2 boxes gallon size zip bags, 4 rolls of aluminum foil, 1 bag of brown sugar, 9 bags of Stevia In The Raw (Russ loves it, and it can be hard to find) and 1 pack of puppy training pads.

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