This is the bathroom. We made no significant changes to the bathroom. We put up a rack behind the toilet for extra storage and a full length mirror on the inside of the door. Otherwise, it’s the same as it came off the dealer lot.

View of the bathroom from the doorway. It has a real porcelain toilet instead of the standard plastic toilets in a lot of RVs. That’s just one of the things that make Sunnybrook RVs a good brand for full-timers.

Another view from the doorway.

The bathtub is plenty big for giving our daughter a bath.

It has a decent shower, but we almost always shower in the bathhouse during mild weather. UPDATE: We have been using our shower a lot more now that the weather is cold. The size of the shower is fine, it’s the 6 gallons of hot water that causes a problem. You learn to shower quickly and to turn the sprayer off between rinsing and soaping. Most of the time, it beats showering in the 50 degree bathhouse where we are wintering.

Sink area. I think the toilet paper area is designed to store towels, but it’s works better for us as toilet paper storage. I can fit over 30 rolls in there. The countertop space is reserved for diapers, wipes and toothbrushes.

Left side of bathroom. We put up this rack for extra storage behind the toilet. It perfectly fits the square rubbermaid canisters with screw on lids that you can buy at Walmart. The top rack holds one large canister and a box of baby wipes. The bottom rack holds 3 half gallon canisters which house our cotton balls, Qtips and tampons. There is also a rod to hang a towel on.

Mirrored cabinet above sink. This is where we keep our daily use bathroom stuff – sunblock, bug spray, contact lens and solution, deodorants, lotions, ibuprofen, prilosec, vitamins, Rolaids and Visine.

Cabinet under the sink. The top shelf holds tampons, pads and extra baby wash and bubble bath for Birdie. There is room to store more in there, but we don’t need it right now.

The bottom holds our shower bags, and behind them is the space where we keep our first aid kit and a box of extra bathroom stuff like face wash, apricot scrub, shaving cream, soap, etc.

This is the area behind our shower bags that holds a first aid kit and extra bath products.

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