Camping Rig

          Main Living Area     Kitchen     Office     Bunkroom     Bathroom
Camper Exterior     Truck 

This is where you can read about and look at pictures of our truck and camper. We had to make many modifications to our camper to fit our needs. Converting a camper to the full-time needs of a family was no quick task. Russell thought about and worked on the camper for pretty much the whole 2010/2011 Winter and Spring, and we still barely made our deadline. We have much more we want to do, but couldn’t get it done before this trip. The modifications we made are well suited to our family’s needs, but we probably destroyed the camper’s resale value. I think we’re stuck with it until it falls apart.

It was a unique challenge to convert this camper to our full-time needs. I hope you enjoy looking at it, and maybe get some ideas for your own camper. We racked our brains to come up with this layout. It’s not perfect, but it works for us.

You will see that we converted the Queen bedroom into an office. Making a living is of the utmost importance, so everything else we did had to come from that starting point. We sacrificed a private bedroom, and we all sleep in the bunkroom. We looked at thousands of campers, even the 40′ Fifth Wheels, and we could not figure out how to get both a private bedroom and a workable office in any of them.

These photos will be broken down into 7 categories which you can access by clicking the links in red at the top of this page. I have too many pictures and too much I want to show you to put it on one page.

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