Porta-Bote: The most awesome folding boat you can buy. We feel lucky to finally own one of these boats after admiring them for years. It folds to 4″ flat, mounts on the underneath of our camper, sets up in less than 5 minutes and weighs just 67 lbs. It is by far the highest rated, lightest weight and most durable folding boat on the market.

He bought a freshwater/saltwater trolling motor that runs off a marine battery to power it. It’s nice because it’s lightweight, efficient, quiet and does everything we need it to do. We don’t plan on going very far or very fast. We just like to ride in and around the campgrounds and sit out some noodles and the occasional trotline. He takes the battery off at night and hooks it up to his battery charger so we have a full charge every morning. We don’t have to buy gasoline for it!

He bought LED lights for the front and back to make it legal which clamp on and off the boat with ease.

He found 2 folding stadium seats under his parent’s house to use as boat seats.

Boat Safety Gear

Porta-Bote Underneath Mounting System:

Below is a series of pictures of the Porta-Bote mounting system that my husband designed and built to go underneath our RV. It will be painted black sometime this summer. That’s one of those things we didn’t end up having time to finish before we left. You can buy Porta-Bote mounting systems online for $300+, but they wouldn’t work for our camper. The slide-out on the back kept us from being able to mount it there, and mounting it on the front of the RV was unacceptable. This system uses a series of rollers so the boat slides easily in and out. The back of the mount lowers by taking out 2 bolts which creates a downward angle for removing the boat and a smooth motion for putting it back in. I can’t really explain it all to you because construction is not one of my strengths. Russell said he will draw up the plans and post them on here in the near future.

You can see the rollers in this picture. Those bolts on each side remove to lower the back of the mounting system.

Side angle.

Another shot from the back.

Porta-Bote mounting system in the down position to take the boat out or in. The chains secure the mount from falling down too far. It rolls out smoothly.

Another shot of the mounting system in the down position.

Another shot of the mounting system in the down position.

Porta-Bote battery and charger. He hooks the battery to the charger each night. We have a full charge each morning. He keeps it sitting under the back of our camper when the weather is good.

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