2 padded folding chairs.
1 toddler-sized folding chair for our daughter.
Sterilite box that we use for an end table when camping. It stores our daughter’s outside toys like sand toys, floats, etc. It packs up neatly for travel.
10′ x 20′ brown astroturf rug. We’ve tried to camp without the rug, but I can’t. It makes sitting under the canopy feel like part of the inside of the camper.
1 rug to wipe your feet on before going inside.

We also carry an extra canvas folding chair for guests, fishing, etc.

Table cloth for the picnic table. You gotta have that. Also, my daughter’s Safety First traveling seat. It’s perfect because we can attach it to the picnic table bench for a safe and secure booster seat for her. It has a tray for food, folds to a small size and has a handy strap for easy carrying. I love this thing – it’s ideal for camping!

 2 Bucket lights. These are the best camping patio lights we’ve ever owned.

Bucket light again plus aluminum clamp-on light. We don’t always unpack the clamp-on lights, but we carry two of them, just in case we need them. Sometimes you need a directional light.

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