Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen – 2 burner Coleman propane stove, Weber propane grill, propane tank and 2 hoses that connect it all. Since we took this picture, we found another Sterilite box that the stove, grill and connectors plus accessories all fit into. That helps keep the back our truck neat when traveling.

Using connectors to attach the stove and grill to a regular-sized propane bottle instead of the small bottles of propane you normally see saves time and money. If you are using your stove and grill a lot, go ahead and invest in the connectors and propane bottle. You’ll be glad you did.

I try my best not to fry anything in my camper which is why I have the propane stove. Frying creates grease splatter that builds up over time, even when you think you’ve cleaned it up after every use. This happens at home, but your walls at home are usually made of more durable material and/or paint.  I don’t want to vigorously scrub my camper kitchen walls too much, because I’m afraid it will eventually damage the cheap paneling and wallpaper. If you don’t cook that often in your camper, it’s not something to worry about, but I cook every meal my family eats in our camper. Like almost all good Southerners, we love our fried foods. After awhile, I am certain frying would take it’s toll. I choose to practice caution.

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