Whitten Park / Fulton Campground

Whitten Park Campground, also know as the Fulton Campground, is located on the Tennessee-Tombigbee. The Tenn-Tom Waterway is an outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise. From picnicking to fishing to camping, the Tenn-Tom has it all. The Whitten Park Campground offers 61 sites with electric and water hookups. Additional amenities include restrooms, laundry and shower facilities, a dump station, fishing dock, playgrounds, multi-use courts, picnic shelters, swimming area, nature trails, and a boat ramp.


We love Fulton Campground.

It is a well-kept Corps of Engineers park. If you’ve ever been in a COE park, you know what that means: it’s clean, the grounds are maintained, the staff is helpful, the bathhouses are nice, the pads are concrete and level, it’s beautifully designed. As we’ve said here before, the Corps of Engineers parks beat the MS State Parks in almost every way.

The park is quiet during the week. The two times we have been here, we are one of just a few campers in our circle. The park is designed in the clover leaf pattern. This means there is a central bathhouse located in each of the 3 circles. The bathhouses are nice and clean. Each bathhouse has a laundry room. I love that because it saves me a long trek to do laundry.

Most of the sites are long enough to handle the biggest rigs. The sites which aren’t on the beach are spacious, private and wooded. The sites overlooking the beach are less spacious and private, but they are still good sites to be in. We like to be back by the beach because our daughter loves to swim. If it were not for her, we would get a more private spot near the long fishing pier.

Each circle has some waterfront and waterview sites and atleast 1 fishing pier. The first circle has one small pier and one long pier. I don’t know the length of the long pier, but it’s more like something you would see on the Gulf of Mexico instead of in North Mississippi.

The first time we were here, we were delighted with the park, but the beach was unusable. They had some type of crazy growth of weeds in the water. They said then that the Corps was coming in to spray from a helicopter to kill it. When we returned this year, the beach is clean and usable again. I am so happy about that because the close access to the sandy beach is one of the main attractions of this park. There is even an outdoor shower near the beach for getting the sand off your kids.

There is a paved Nature Trail winding through the park that is just gorgeous – day or night. YES the trail is lighted at night! In the evening, it is magical. You feel like you are walking in an enchanted forest. My daughter thinks Winnie the Pooh and Piglet live down there. It is one of the best Nature Trails I have ever encountered. The trail is paved. When you’re pushing a stroller, that counts for a lot.

The park has 3 playgrounds, several pavillions, a tennis court, a basketball court, and the Whitten Historical Center. The Whitten Historical Center is open 6 days a week and free to the public. It has many displays and interactive exhibits that explain the design and construction of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway. They also have several exhibits featuring native MS wildlife. There is a gift shop, a picnic area overlooking the water and lots of free maps and brochures.

I like the playgrounds because they have some climbing apparatus and small slides for the little kids. So many parks we have visited seem to have playgrounds designed for bigger kids.

The park is just 4.5 miles from a Super Walmart and various other grocery and discount stores.

There is a marina adjacent to the park that features a steak and fish restaurant. You can walk to it via a short trail behind the last bathhouse. We have never eaten there, but have heard good things. I think it is called Waterfront Restaurant.

The staff are friendly and helpful. They let us use their mailbox to send our packages and mail. That’s so nice of them, and it saves me several trips to the Post Office, which is only about 2 miles away, but still.. I’d rather bike to the mailbox than drive to the Post Office anytime.

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