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Welcome to ThisRVLife.com! We are the Taylor family – Russell, Ashley and Birdie. Here you can read about our adventures living in an RV full-time. ThisRVLife is maintained by me, Ashley. It will be centered around my life as a wife, mother and full-time RVer. You won’t find detailed technical or mechanical information about RVing here. I feel those issues are covered better and more thoroughly elsewhere on the internet. This blog will be very woman-centric, and devoted to our daily life as a family. If you have specific technical, mechanical or systems questions about our RV or anything else on this blog, you can contact me and I will ask my husband to respond accordingly if I don’t feel like I can.

This blog began as a way to chronicle our 5 month RV trip in the summer of 2011. This 5 months was intended to be a test to see if we could live in the RV for extended periods of time. If it went as well as we expected, we planned to spend Winter 2011-2012 at home finalizing details on how to deal with our house and possessions. As our 5 months began to draw to an end, we knew we didn’t want to go “home”, so we didn’t. We spent 2 grueling weeks in November sorting and storing our belongings. We rented our house to a relative by marriage, and we were FREE!

We are passing our first Winter in the RV at a secluded park on a gorgeous lake. The closest grocery store is almost 20 miles away. It has been fantastic, and I am grateful everyday for the opportunity to do this with my precious family. Dreams do come true!

Back Story:

We have always loved camping. Our longest trip before this year was just over a month in August and September of 2010. The 5 month trip we embarked on was a dream come true for us. It is something we talked about and dreamed about for more than a decade. We feel like escapees from the constant demands of home and the soul crushing, fast-paced, modern-American way of life.

We have a sticks-and-bricks home in North MS. While we love our hometown and the people there, we are tired of the constant upkeep of a home, yard and the demands of maintaining relationships with some of the folks we know. After nearly 20 years of camping for me and a lifetime for my husband (never wanting to go home), we were sure we could live happily in an RV. We feel strongly that we can live a happier, more rewarding life without all the extraneous junk we fill our homes with and tie ourselves down to the upkeep and maintenance of.

Our daughter was born in 2008, and she has been the real catalyst and inspiration of our desire for less responsibility and more free time. Basically, we want to enjoy these early years with her as much as possible. She has caused us to reexamine our priorites in every way, has brought a multitude of simple joys to our life, and made us both more wise (or atleast closer to it). We hope to teach her to live a life of personal happiness, and not to be driven to unhappiness by the desire and pursuit of more and more meaningless material objects. I know that some people find great happiness in those pursuits, but that has not been either of our own personal experiences, and we are betting that she will be more like us than not.

Please don’t take anything I say here as arrogance or an insult to the way you or anyone else lives. I understand that we are all driven by our own pleasures, desires and dreams for our families. This just happens to be ours, and we have the opportunity to pursue it. The last thing I want to be in this world is another a**hole putting people down. Those folks are everywhere, and there is nothing more common or ordinary. I struggle everyday not to contribute to that cultural disease. If I fail, I hope you understand it is not intentional. If you see something here that offends you or that you don’t agree with, just take what you can use and disregard the rest.

As always, we reserve the right to change our minds about anything, including living in an RV.

Personal Bios:

Russell is 44 years old. He has ran a business from home for more than 13 years, and is now able to work from the road. He likes karaoke, video games, fishing, nature and camping.

Ashley is 34 years old. She is a freelance web designer and stay-at-home mom. She likes music, books, nature and camping. She used to restore vintage campers in her spare time.

Birdie is 3 years old. She likes playing, coloring, looking at books, singing, puppy dogs, kitty cats, Barney and Caillou.

Sadie is a 15 year old German Shepherd mix. She is loyal, trustworthy and the best friend you will ever know. She likes sleeping, barking and eating. UPDATE: Our beloved friend Sadie passed away on Nov. 14, 2011. She waits at the Rainbow Bridge for what is sure to be a glorious reunion.

We have been married for 18 years. We are best friends, kindred spirits and devoted to our family in every way.

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